Marketing is a broad term. You and your friend may talk about this but mean two very different things. For example, running ads on the internet and posting ads on TV aren’t the same. TV advertising and internet advertising are strategies that fall into different types of marketing. One thing that sets professional marketers apart from amateurs is that they know which type of marketing to use.

Today I’ll show you 3 kinds of marketing that businesses use at present. I’ll describe them, show how they’re done, and display a list of their advantage and disadvantages.

Widely Used Types of Marketing at Present

Traditional Marketing

As the name implies, traditional marketing pertains to the use of traditional or classic methods of selling products, goods, and services. Advertisement campaigns that are done through TV, radio, billboard, direct mails, etc. are an example of this. The use of promoters such as models is another example.

Traditional marketing didn’t fall out of trend because it continues to play a vital role in starting and established businesses. Much of the mediums used in traditional marketing such as TV and radio are still widely popular. Even now, marketers use this type of marketing because it’s easy to understand, reaches prospective customers directly, and is easy to implement.

Established companies used traditional marketing in complement with other types of marketing. This allows them to anchor their brand on people’s everyday lives. Examples are McDonald’s, Dunkin Doughnuts, and Coca-Cola.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Traditional Marketing

  • easy to implement
  • people are highly familiar with it
  • reaches customers directly
  • might be costly

Social Media Marketing

This type of marketing pertains to the use of social media platforms to promote products, goods, and services. Social media platforms are websites where people flock together to share personalized content. Examples of social media platforms are Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Quora, Reddit, YouTube, etc.

Marketers use social media in different ways to sell. Some make use of social media pages to reach out to customers and answer their questions or complaints. On the other hand, there are those who invest money and utilize social media paid advertisements. Lastly, there are also marketers who employ influencers to do the work for them.

Basically, social media marketing is useful for targeting a specific audience in the market. In platforms such as Facebook and Twitter, companies don’t find it difficult to promote products based on age, interest, and address.

Advantage and Disadvantages of Social Media Marketing

  • useful for campaigns that target specific people
  • yields moderate traffic
  • greatly increases brand recognition
  • connects you to consumers
  • doesn’t guarantee converts

Content Marketing

Content marketing pertains to the use of content to promote products, goods, and services. Examples of content are articles, infographics, videos, blog posts, etc. Having a website or a social media page is crucial in this kind of marketing because this is where content is uploaded. Content marketing is probably the most popular type of marketing (review of Ministry of Freedom) used today.

Websites are a common medium for people to see the content. Usually, the content talks about a particular product or service in an indirect manner. I like to call content marketing “indirect marketing” because one sells a product or service by now talking about it. Instead, a marketer convinces consumers to buy by providing useful information.

Starting and established businesses use this type of marketing. It increases brand awareness not only to a specific group but to a large number of people as well. Aside from this, content marketing is a good way for a business to be popular worldwide. Websites make it possible for companies to do promotional campaigns in different places without being there themselves.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Content Marketing

  • highly engaging
  • reaches a lot of people
  • excellent for increasing brand awareness and convincing consumers to make a purchase
  • requires knowledge of SEO and website building
  • requires one to follow standards set by search engines such as Google
  • might be pricey


The three types of marketing I presented above are widely used nowadays. If you’re planning to start your own business, try to do at least one of them. Knowing the different types of marketing is useful. It will allow you to choose the best method to promote a particular product or service that you want consumers to purchase.

Remember that marketing is an art. You need to be creative to get on top of the rest. Therefore, to be successful in business it’s important not to stop learning and continue to acquire knowledge. That said, come again and allow me to teach you more!