Our aim is to show enormous involvement in our work with mixing and recording throughout the years. Our producers, experienced with large mixing projects and inspiring direction during the recordings have been influential in completing this article. Our recording chain has been fully finalised and came into being after many years of research, investment, and experience. We are very proud of this and still enjoy our recording chain every day.

Our recording studio is booked by various vocalists, musicians, producers and DJs, both from home and abroad. Please feel free to email or telephone call for an appointment in the studio. Explain to us what are you really looking for, what has been disappointing during earlier recordings or mixes, what is the ultimate goal of your production, if there is a sufficient budget to fulfill all your wishes (if any), and if everyone is ready for production/mixing.

Our studio members are very passionate and everyone at our studio is ambitious and alert to the latest developments and trends. Our Studio consists of several professional studio rooms. This way you can work on your production in complete peace and freedom. With our studio, you can reach the dream that you are aiming towards. Because we believe that the end result is just as important as the road to it, and our music producers always ensure both musical and personal growth.

Together, we are strong! That way you always get the best sound. If we can work together openly and honestly for the best ingredients and for a fantastic end result, the energy will really flow through us.

A-class sound studio

Modern microphone in recording studio, selective focus

Our sound studio has been awarded several times for its high quality and sound production.

Ultimate microphones

Our large collection of microphones consists of all the specimens that we once dreamed of. Our mics are state of the are and ready for you.

Beautiful acoustics

The fantastic sound of our 30m2 Live Room together with our acoustic panels ensures an optimal sound.

Digital & Analog

Our recording studio consists of top quality digital & analog tube equipment get the best end result for you and your recording needs.

Since we are also musicians, we approach production based on musicality. We discuss and listen to all projects for optimum results. Throughout our history, we have various contacts with radio and record labels. We do not rest until you and we are satisfied with the performance, sound & mix.  All recordings can be compiled by us.

During the recording itself we support you on all sides:

  • Very helpful studio engineer/producers
  • Inspiring recording space with ultimate mood lighting
  • Determine the balance of music and how heavy or light you want each instrument to sound
  • Own screen with text, score, arrangement, video etc. we do all of it for you!